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Alert Citizen offers an advanced alerts platform for messaging your Local Police Station (Only, if the Police Station is ready to add their Police station Listing with us ) . Designed a system where you can communicate between Police station and yourself by our web portal, and via your email alert. From unexpected notification and information, Limited verification of Employees working in your Home , Offices , Shops , Factories etc and about suspicious activities near you, you can easily reach your Local Police station simply by sending one Alert message using our simple online interface.

Prevent Crime in Your Home and Work Place. Make Home and Work Place a SAFER Place . Be ALERT ALWAYS . Protect Your Family and Loved Ones By.......

This website helps to prevent crimes being committed by employees in homes, offices , Factories etc. , there by creating a safer place for Family members at Home , Office staff in Offices , workers in Factories etc..
Generally, A person commits crime thinking they will never be caught . They think that the employees or other people do not have the proper information about them , like who they are , where do they live, who are their family or know people , how do they look , what is their native place etc…. etc. Thinking this they commit crime.

Create & Keep Profiles of all your Short time workers too like Carpenters , Painters , Plumbers etc.. as well as Office and Factory Employees . Keeping Employees Profiles works as deterrent for employees to commit crime in their work place .


Only valid persons you allow can access this .

If you do not see your State , City , Police station etc etc, while creating your account , then please select "NOT LISTED" option . This may be because the areas we have not yet Listed in the system or the Police station is not approached by us or the Police station is not ready to add their name in this system . Please contact us with you State , City , Area, Police station etc.etc. We may notify you once the State , City etc etc is added in the system . However you can create your account and create and save Employees Profiles there by Preventing Crime . You may produce these profiles if and when required .

Ready Employee's Form with Format and Titles to save in profiles. You just have to fill in the Blank area in front of Name , Address , References , etc.

Alert Citizen Today system requires no hardware or software and one low yearly fee includes unlimited messaging across – Web portal alert and email alert.

Alert Citizen Today also offers the Owner's Portal. The Owner's Portal is a user-friendly, web-based platform for Owner's to use to communication with your Local Police.

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